Esties’ Let’s Make Up Program


Remember when I mentioned that Estie created a tool that would completely change the way you do your makeup? Well, it is now ready and available for all of you to use! Have you always wanted to learn how to do your own makeup, but just didn’t know where to begin? Esties’ International’s Let’s Makeup Program has the solution for you.

Estie’s program allows you to build your own face chart by using the built-in face elements provided in the program. As you can see in the image above, the program provides with you a blank canvas where you can even choose the most similar face structure to match your own. From there, you can add the brows, eyes, nose and lips to complete your chart.

Once your done designing your face chart, click ‘view make-up’ and watch the magic happen…

The program will provide you with a more accurate chart showing you exactly where your makeup should be applied on your specific face structure. Not only do you get a visual guide, you also get personal detailed tips like the ones shown below…

You can kiss your makeup struggles bye-bye! Are YOU ready to change your makeup game? Download the ‘Esties’ Let’s Make-Up‘ App to start using the program!