Get To Know Esties’ International


Hey! I’m Dania Marie. Welcome to the Esties’ International blog! I’m obsessed with all things beauty and I love sharing my content with all of you! From makeup, to skincare and overall style…I’ll be here to chat with you about my thoughts and experiences on certain products. Speaking of…let me introduce you to the Esties’ International Let’s Make Up collection.


I had the opportunity to meet the person who started it all…Estie! He’s been involved in the beauty industry for over 38 years and trust me…he REALLY knows his stuff. Working together, we’ll be sure to showcase and highlight beauty and skincare products from his incredible collection. I’ve actually had the chance to try some of these products and let me tell you…they’re to die for. Estie believes in the power of a natural, glowy look, so rest assured that his complexion products will have you channeling your inner glow.


On this blog, I’ll highlight all of the Let’s Make Up products that will completely change your make up game (it’s definitely changed mine). Don’t even get me started on the skincare products…I’ve only been using them for a couple of weeks and the difference in my skin has me SHOOK. Not only does Estie have a skincare and makeup collection…he’s also created something special for all of YOU. This tool will teach you how to do makeup for your specific face shape. That’s right…it will customize a chart for you so that you can easily learn how to better apply your makeup. This is only the beginning of what Esties’ International has to offer so be sure to tune in to everything coming on the blog!