Skincare: Pure Enzyme Scrub


Here’s what Estie has to say:

This product is packed with papain, which comes from the papaya fruit. The papain enzymes work to gently remove dead skin cells. It’s important for you to know that we do not use a traditional based kernel scrub in this product. Our use of medical grade aloe vera helps soothe the skin, while the jojoba beads sink into the skin without any scratching.This is a great product for men and women to use to relieve any ingrown hair issues (we all know it’s not just a jaw line that can get ingrown hairs…HEYYY).

Dania’s Review:

All I can say about this product is…WOW. I am obsessed with this scrub. I am constantly wearing makeup every day, which can leave a lot of build up on my skin. After using this product, my face literally feels like a baby’s bottom (I’m really not joking). And it smells GREAT. I love to use this after removing the makeup I wore all day long. All the product on my face can also clog my skin, but this product helps get rid of any possibilities of breakouts my on face. If you want real exfoliation…this is the product to get. It doesn’t feel harsh on the skin at all and it leaves it feeling fresh. It always makes me feel like I got that extra step in to ensure my skin is clean at the end of the day. The best part about this product is…you don’t have to just use it on your face! Safe to say I’ll be getting my hands on more of this product. 

Product Info:

Thorough yet gentle, our plant-based scrub brings back skin’s bloom beautifully and can be used on both face and body. Use as often as desired for fresher, longer-looking skin. Ideal before shaving or for combating ingrown hairs.