Skincare: Tissue Repair Serum


Here’s what Estie has to say: 

Believe me when I say this stuff is the SHIT. This product is loaded with sea buckthorn oil, which has been known to play a large role in folk medicine, dating back thousands of years. Tibetan and Chinese health practitioners often used it to help relieve various health problems. The sea buckthorn plant was renowned within Ayurvedic and ancient Greek medicine for enhancing one’s well-being. In our case, we offer it to help repair the skin from burns, wounds, sores, sunburns, rashes and other forms of skin damage. By aiding in the nourishment of the skin, the sea buckthorn oil not only helps diminish skin damage, but it also slows down signs of aging. That’s why I love my tissue repair oil. Just wait until you try it for 30 days…it will change your life! 

Dania’s Review:

I’m officially addicted to the Tissue Repair Serum. My skin has always been extremely acne prone, which means my skin has suffered from acne scars for many years. I’m currently still battling some of these scars, but the Tissue Repair Serum has completely changed that for me. After following Estie’s 30 day recommendation, the results have me SHOOK. This product has given me the right amount of moisturization and nourishment for my skin. After washing my face with Estie’s Gentle Cleansing Mousse and applying some of the Rose Toner, I go in with the Tissue Repair Serum. Depending on how dry my skin is that day, I’ll apply my moisturizer after as well. This makes such a DIFFERENCE in my skin and it stays glowing all day after using this product. Most importantly, it keeps my face looking healthy and fresh. It’s now a part of my permanent skincare routine and it’s not going anywhere any time soon! 

Product Info:

This concentrated, nourishing multitasker is ideal alone, or as a revitalizing add-in to your favorite moisturizing cream. A few drops massaged daily into face, neck and décolleté will saturate skin with seabuckthorn lipids, wheat germ oil and dimethicone, known to fuel cell regeneration and improve skin texture. Also contains the newest occlusive, non-penetrating, non-comedogenic formula for trapping moisture.

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