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Estie’s Let’s Make-Up is unique because it is a professional make-up lesson provided on a grid, a graphic display to teach you, the consumer, to help you apply your make-up by using the right products to contour and highlight the shape of your face.

Estie introduces you to several face shapes so you can select your exact face shape, follow the exact instructions, and create your own face, and learn how to correctly apply your make-up. Estie provides the steps to help you enhance the shape of your eyes, nose, eyebrows, and lips.

Estie’s directions help you properly apply your make-up to enhance your strengths and use the right products to counter areas which have become a challenge.


Esties' International is quickly becoming a leader in the make-up & hair care industry.

Estie’s on-line store has over four hundred products hand selected for each of their own specialty in quality related to those items specific needs. From a hair line that has one of the best Color Protector Shampoo’s to Treatment and Conditioner, Estie’s can quickly become your one stop resource for all make-up and hair care products. Estie only puts his name on products he uses and is proud to call “excellent.”